* A small sea-side town of 3,500 people.
* It is where the mountains meet the sea.
*Kaikoura is a Maori name. Kai = food and Koura= crayfish.
* Kaikoura is a place where ocean currents meet, producing
  a very rich aquatic life with many fish, dolphins,seals,and sea-birds.
* Kaikoura's year-round whale watching is internationally famous.
* There are many activities available involving the mountains, the sea, and the fantastic views.

< The Look-out. >

See Kaikoura's beautiful mountains and sea
from the Look-out.

< The Township. >

This has a full range of shops and services
available for visitors.

< Crayfish. >

The delicious crayfish that the town is named after may
be obtained in most restaurants and sea-food shops.

< Whale-watching. >

Available all year-round from boat, plane or helicopter.
As this activity depends on sea and weather conditions,
we recommend a stay of two nights or more to prevent
disappointment from any cancellations.
More details from www.whalewatch.co.nz 

< Swim with Dolphins. >

This is very popular, sometimes swimming with
more than 100 dolphins.
More details from www.dolphin.co.nz

< Fishing. >

On charter fishing boats many types of fish can be
caught, and the fish are shared around among all
those fishing on the boat.
Some charter boats also share around crayfish to
all on board the boat.

< Trekking. >

There are many fine walking tracks on the peninsula,
in the nearby mountains, and around Kaikoura.

< Golf. >

15 minutes from the motel and only five minutes
from Kaikoura, you are welcome to play at the
Kaikoura Golf Club.
More details from www.kaikouragolf.co.nz

< Others. >

Swimming with seals, Maori Tours, and Horse Trekking
etc. are also available.
More details www.kaikoura.co.nz

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